Proper shaving method with Electric razors

Buying an electrical razor is the most difficult task because there are so many razors claiming them as the Best Electric Shaver, but people should consider many things before buying an electric razor.

A good shave with the electric razor will follow some processes, if you want razor to not cause problems for you then make sure that you follow following instructions:

·         Wash your face: Make sure you wash the face before using a razor on the skin, washing the face will remove will the hairs smoother and that means a smoother shave without cuts and marks.

·         Apply pre-shave: After washing your face and cleaning it with a towel, try to muster some alcoholic pre-shave on the face, this process will remove oil from the skin and make hairs straight for the cleaning. You can also use talcum powder to dry-up the hairs.
Use both hands: use both the hands to shave, use one hand to hold machine and other hand to hold the skin to give you a proper look of the skin.

·         Apply lotion to the skin: after you have successfully shaved the face, you should apply some lotion on the face, it is better to apply lotion because alcoholic pre-shave dries your face.

·         Clean your razor: Make sure that you clean the razor carefully, this will keep you away from the diseases and make the skin healthy, and if you will not clean it after shave then it may keep germs and bacteria, which can cause problems for you in future.

·         Apply lubricant on the razor: after you are done with the shaving and cleaning, apply some lubricant to the machine, it will make it work for a longer time.

All of the processes must be followed accurately to give you a better shave and a better machine; if the instructions are followed accurately then electrical shaving machine will work for a longer period of time. Many people blame machine for the failure and forgot about proper usage of the machine, this guide explains the use of electrical razor precisely.
Also make sure you apply proper lubricant to the razor, also take necessary precautions in using different machines, make sure that the instruction for using pre-shave is in the manual of the razor, if it is not guided to apply any kind of watery material then try to avoid using those, also make sure that you buy what suits your daily routine.

There are many people, who blame razors if they stop working up to their expectations, they should take good care of the product according to the maintenance mentioned in the guide service. If you take good care of the product then you will surely get the optimum performance that you need.
Choosing to the taking care of the product needs careful consideration; you might have a skin that doesn’t suit hard shaving so you have to choose machine accordingly to make the most out of it, this issue is the most common in people around the world.


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